Big Rivers Chapter
Spring 2012 Update

Greetings All

Spring has hit a month early in most places within the Big Rivers Chapter. Our testing season is over, and annual meeting is right upon us. I wanted to give you a short update so that y’all would have an idea what’s going on within the chapter.

Our testing season went very well with all three of our VJPs this year in new locations with tests in Carthage, MO, Sulphur Springs, TX, and Pittsburgh, KS. I want to say thank you to the Test Coordinators and also the Test Directors for taking these projects on and doing a fantastic job. All puppies did well for the most part. We still must work hard to get our handlers to expose their dogs through the fall hunting season prior to the VJP testing season. As we look forward to the fall, I anticipate we’ll have a very busy HZP and VGP testing season. Please contact your state chairman to encourage them to have as many training days as possible in order to have our dog prepared for both of these tests.

I also want to thank Fred Turjan for taking the time to come to our annual meeting in Shreveport to put on a VGP Seminar. Our motto for our chapter regardless of your DD’s age is: We train for the VGP. What’s your goal for training your young pup? Start immediately by preparing and exposing your dog to the training subjects for the VGP and your DD will be able to roll through the tests on its way to becoming a finished utility dog.

I also want to thank the people who have donated to BRC for both our Annual meeting and of course the Armbruster. When we have such wonderful donors who support what we’re doing this enables us to make advances in our efforts to train and develop handlers and promote the DD. I’m forever grateful for the contributions that you’ve made to the chapter. We couldn’t do what we’ve done without you.

This is an election year for the Chapter and GNA. Please be involved in this process. This is your breed, so your voice is important. We face important issues both on the Chapter and Group level as we go forward. I would like to thank Chad Crissup for his years of service as the BRC Vice-Chairman. He has many demands with his young family and business that takes the priority of his time now more than ever. Our new officers will be selected and are ready to serve your needs.

Let’s work together to breed, train, test and hunt the best versatile dog in the world, the Deutsch-Drahthaar.

Brandt Hardy
Big Rivers Chapter VDD-GNA

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