To win a chapter award is a very special and significant achievement.  Every year at the Chapter meeting we acknowledge individal members and their dogs for top VJP, HZP, and VGP scores.  To win one of these awards you must be a member of the Big Rivers Chapter, as well as train & handle your own dog.   We also give out a chapter wide “top water dog” trophy called the Mesquite award.  The awards were presented to the following people at the past annual meeting we had in Sulphur Springs Texas. Congrats to the Handlers and their Dogs.

VJP Score 75 points

Anastasia vom Ozarkforst 1 year and 27 days

Owned trained and Handled by Curtis King

HZP Score 196

Sacha vom Tapferen Herzen

Owned trained and handled by Clint Mason

VGP Prize 1 306

Winston II vom Jadkonig

Owned trained and handled by Brett Monzyk

Top Water Dog 12

Ferro vom Bomkroog 16 months

Owned trained and handled by Toban Crowder

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