Greetings All
We are working down to the very end of our hunting seasons within BRC. Testing season is upon us. Here are some other things of note.

Recent Events

Paul Belding
About 2 weeks ago, the land owner of our VJP test grounds in in Weatherford TX passed away after a short illness. I did speak to Mr. Belding while he was in the hospital and he knew his condition was grave. Even at that point in his illness, he was supportive and appreciative of BRC and tried to support us going forward without him. Mr. Belding has been a good friend to the BRC over the years by allowing us to host numerous training and testing events on and near his property. I did speak to his wife and expressed our condolences. She was very appreciative.

2012 Pheasant Fest in Kansas City MO
Last weekend BRC, led by Dan Fisher and Trinity Muth along with Jim Wion and many others, hosted the VDD-GNA booth at the Pheasant Fest. The turnout of volunteers was very good and the event attendance was through the roof. I want to thank Dan and his team for all of the hard work pulling this thing off. I believe an event like this can create incredible momentum in that area of our chapter for years to come. Dan is writing an article for the website and the GNA newsletter. Please thank those that were there when you see them and give them a pat on the back for a job well done. They represented BRC and VDD-GNA very well.

Coming Events

Chapter Training Days
Please attend local training days around you. We have one scheduled for N TX on March 3 at the Brown’s ranch. Please confirm your attendance with Zane. We will be doing VJP and VGP training primarily. Other states are having days so contact your local state chairperson.

Testing Days
We have 7 days of full tests this year for our VJPs. We will need to plan more next year. If you need to enter a test this spring contact Jim Wion or myself for help locating a test for you. Please plan on supporting a test close to you. We will need all hands possible to beat for bunnies and transport folks. Someone did this for you so please return the favor. Contact the TCs at the nearest test locations to lend a hand.

BRC Annual Meeting April 13-15 in Shreveport LA
Please plan on attending this chapter event. Our highlight will be the VGP Seminar presented by Fred Turjan. Fred has a proven track record of being a successful breeder and supporting his puppy buyers to complete their testing through the VGP level. He has as many VGP dogs out of his kennnel as any current breeder in GNA except for our own Jack Mansfield.We will have classroom and field time in small groups with Fred and other trainers going over the training and test prep for you and your DD to pass the VGP. This is for all of you with dogs from 8 weeks to 8 years. Thank you Fred for committing to join us as we become more skilled trainers and handlers on the VGP level.

We will also have a Breed Show. Please get in touch with Kevin Sherrodd immediately if you wish to attend. There are many steps to complete in order to attend. There is no time to waste if you want to attend this event.

We also will have Chapter Elections for all officers. We operate on a 3 year election cycle that mirrors the election cycle that we have for election of our VDD-GNA officers. Please nominate anyone that you feel could effectively serve our BRC membership. I will forward you names of those nominated at a later date. If you have any interest in a position but need more information please feel free to contact me.

We will also have a Banquet and Auction as well as our Annual Meeting. Please look for the complete schedule of events in the upcoming weeks. Please contact Dan Brown if you have an item to donate for the auction. This is always a fun time for us to kick back and enjoy watching who has an itch to spend some hard earned cash.

Thanks for you commitment to the DD and the Big Rivers Chapter.
See you at an event or the BRC Annual Meeting soon.

Brandt Hardy
BRC Chairman

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