The Big Rivers Chapter of the BDD GNA encompasses breeders and handlers from all across Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. We come together frequently for events and training days to learn and grow together. It is the desire of the DD community to protect and maintain the excellence of this unique, all-in-one gun dog for future generations.

The members of the BRC are a diverse group of like minded, versatile hunters based in six states that comprise the most versatile hunting conditions anywhere in the world. The demands of our hunting areas includes the marsh and swamps of the lower Mississippi Valley and Gulf Coast to the prairies of Kansas and Oklahoma to the mountains of Missouri and Arkansas to the deserts and mountains of southwest Texas. We demand a lot from our DDs and they are more than up to task of being our great hunting partners. Join us at a training day or test near you. We have State and Regional Chairmen to help you get your dogs ready to test and hunt for you.

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