Big Rivers Chapter Chairmen’s Update – Spring 2018

Big Rivers Chapter Notes

Fall 2018

Seasons are changing and the cooler weather has finally started to move into the South.  Dove and Teal seasons are in full swing hopefully honing our shooting skills for an enjoyable hunt with our dogs.  Big Rivers Chapter has shown an increase in litters and membership this past year. We have had several nice pups showing their talent in the early testing season.

The 17th Annual Armbruster 2018, in Janesville Minnesota did not disappoint.  Eight Handlers with their Drahthaar made the trek north to represent some of the best that BRC has to offer.  Three from vom DeWolf Kennels and five from v.d. Uberhutte tested successfully.  Many of the handlers were first time owners that had tremendous support from their Breeders.  The dedication of our breeders throughout Big Rivers to educate and mentor new buyers has proven its mettle.  We are seeing a knowledgeable and confident handler that has done their work and has molded the relationship with their hunting partner.  These new Drahthaar handlers are taking the challenge of building a bond, learning to train, and developing their future hunting companion for the next generations.  What we see in this dedication to the breed reminds us that there is no real hunting without a dog, just as there is no real hunting dog without hunting. 

A well-bred dog can have all the talent in the world but without a combination of a good handler, good hunting experiences, and an opportunity to evaluate those genetics all you have is a lap dog.  Hunting is the true test for that dog and handler to hone those traits.  We saw several nice Drahthaar’s on display in Minnesota. Our future in BRC is hopeful.  We want to extend a huge thank you to the Minnisota team that pulled the 2018 Armbruster together and made it a stellar event. Looking forward to the hunting season, keep in mind that the VGP testing dates are knocking at the door, with VJP coming up this Spring.  We are coordinating the dates and times for the Big Rivers Chapter events, Breeder Education meeting, Annual meeting, and our VJPs.  We will be seeking volunteers to assist with these events coming up.  Please contact myself or Brandt Hardy to support our organization.  We can’t do what we do without your unwavering support. 

Eric Toribio will be spearheading some new design concepts for merchandise showcasing Big Rivers logos.  Look for those to be ready the first part of the year.

Last but not least this is an election year for several positions within the BRC, make sure your nominations get submitted to Brandt Hardy in a timely manner. 


Joseph Day

Interim Vice-Chairman

Big Rivers Chapter

Chapter Awards For 2016

To win a chapter award is a very special and significant achievement.  Every year at the Chapter meeting we acknowledge individal members and their dogs for top VJP, HZP, and VGP scores.  To win one of these awards you must be a member of the Big Rivers Chapter, as well as train & handle your own dog.   We also give out a chapter wide “top water dog” trophy called the Mesquite award.  The awards were presented to the following people at the past annual meeting we had in Sulphur Springs Texas. Congrats to the Handlers and their Dogs.

VJP Score 75 points

Anastasia vom Ozarkforst 1 year and 27 days

Owned trained and Handled by Curtis King

HZP Score 196

Sacha vom Tapferen Herzen

Owned trained and handled by Clint Mason

VGP Prize 1 306

Winston II vom Jadkonig

Owned trained and handled by Brett Monzyk

Top Water Dog 12

Ferro vom Bomkroog 16 months

Owned trained and handled by Toban Crowder

Big Rivers Test Dates 2015


17-18 Oct 2015 Big Rivers
Giddings, TX
Private Grounds
Brandt Hardy
1914 Pericles St. Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Sean Hicks
w/o hare track
Shoot Bird: No



17-18 Oct 2015 Big Rivers
Excello, MO
Peyton Farm and Private Grounds
Gary Peyton
37721 Mallard Ave. Excello, MO 65247
Gary Peyton
“drip method” “TF/UF” please send email w/entry
Shoot Bird: No

24-25 Oct 2015 Big Rivers
Sulphur Springs, TX
Brown Ranch and private grounds
Zane Brown
13151 FM 2710 Lindale, TX 75771
Dan Brown
Shoot Bird: No



16-16 Oct 2015 Big Rivers
Excello, MO
Private Grounds
Gary Peyton
37721 Mallard Ave. Excello, MO 65247
Gary Peyton
Handler must bring acceptable game. Provide email address with entry.

Sulphur Springs VJP 2014

Day 1
Lobo v.d. Feldblumenwiese – Kraig Stemme – 69
Andice vom Hugelland – Sean Hicks – 72
Gitta vom rotten Fluss – Brandt Hardy – 68
Lynx v.d. Feldblumenwiese – Tammy Casa – 69
Tina vom Erthal – Charlie Martinez – 63

Day 2 Sulphur Springs VJP

Ames vom Hugelland -Curtis Cox -67
Atz vom Hugelland – Brad Bouldin – 70
Ludwig v.d. Feldblumenwiese – Mark Jorrey – 51
Angus vom Hugelland – Clay Britt – 70
Greta vom rotten Fluss – James Sandidge – 60

Day 3 Sulphur Springs VJP

El Niño vom Heuerhaus – Jake Jake Ferguson – 71
Alvin vom Hugelland – Charlie Rountree – 62
Cabbie vom Coldwater Canyon – Tobe Guillroy – 53
Anna vom Hugelland – Nick Saldana – 63
Liebchen v.d. Feldblumenwiese – Galen Poss – 69